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Space Buck by Samishii-Kami
Space Buck
Asymmetrical Buck Skull that I Airbrushed. Also tested him out with some glow in the dark spray paint I had and it worked great!  I did a pretty light coat of that though so its not uber glow, but definitely still noticeable in a dark room after its charged in the light
He is also for sale!
$150, not including shipping
Small Space by Samishii-Kami
Small Space
So I got some glow in the dark spray paint and wanted ot test it out. So I made a space painting! Sadly, the tarp fell over on it while it was drying which made that mess on the left side of the canvas there :\  It was a good experiment though. It is for sale! I do not have the xact dimensions atm, but it is small, around 6x8" or something like that.
Selling for $15. It glows!
Stacey Envelope by Samishii-Kami
Stacey Envelope
So I was writing letters with a friend.. well she was writing me... and one day her letter came with a pre-addressed envelope so I had no choice but to return the favor XD But envelopes are boring and there was not a lot of space in the letter so I decided to decorate it
Avani by Samishii-Kami
D&D character I played for a bit.. well D&D/Vampire the Masquerade sort of mix... It was weird. Technically never finished playing her. Didn't feel necessary to go to the final game -shrug-

ANyway, she was a vamp with the D&D Dungeon Crasher Fighter levels. Forgot which Vampire clan which shows how much I lost interest, but they are closer to nature or something like that and when they rage a certain number of times they gain animal features permanently. Hers were ram horns

"edit" Gangrel was her clan

So I've no idea if this will actually work, but I've decided to go ahead and make a Patreon. I have a job in the Psych field now, but it's only part-time with no benefits/overtime/anything. So... yeah. I've only got a couple month before my college loan payments kick in so I could use as much help as possible, even if it just pays for food or gas.
I set up my Patreon on a monthly payment system. I'll be uploading any and all new art pieces/crafts/photography/etc to my Patreon before I upload the WIPS and final products anywhere else. Some Patreon commissioned work might never even end up here and will be for my backers only to see! Also giveaways for free stuff when I reach monthly goals! Also, discounts on items in my gallery if you are a backer!

Speaking of which, I'm still selling lots of stuff in my gallery, it is all for sale and I want ias much gone as possible asap. I just don't have the room!
I technically have a bunch of it on ebay, but I'd rather not deal with ebay/etsy fees since I already have to deal with paypal fees.

If there is something you are interested in, email me @

For instance, if you want multiple pieces of the pottery? Discount!
Multiple tails? Discount!

If you can't buy anything, please pass this along. I really need the money D:

Some of the art is on my ebay here:…
But there are also non-art thinks like pokemon cards, CDs, manga, etc

Email me before bidding/buying on ebay as I may be able to lower prices depending on where you live.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
:iconcommissionsopen:… :iconcommissionsopen:

Current Residence: Georgia

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Hi! I just came across you, and I absolutely LOVE your art! It's completely amazinggg! 
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Thank you so much! :) And thanks for all the favs and the watch!
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of course! :)
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