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Godzilla and Dragon by Samishii-Kami
Godzilla and Dragon
i might have doodled a bit during my work training... but it was so boring with so many powerpoints D: felt like i was back in school. I aced all the quizzes anyway... so yeah back in high school
Anyway, I drew the dragon first, just for practice, then i felt like drawing godzilla. mostly drawn from memory but snuck a peak at my phone at one point. I actually drew Godzilla's hand backwards and had to fix i on the computer since I had put he paper with the drawing on it away smewhere. whoops
Kymera chibi sketch by Samishii-Kami
Kymera chibi sketch
a little kick back I did for Kymera (Kymera colour), my clusterfuck mut character . I think I mostly just wanted chibi practice or something so I was kinda just trying a randm pose so it ended up as a sad Kymera looking down awkwardly at her tail    
Lizard Dragon Concept by Samishii-Kami
Lizard Dragon Concept
From a few months ago. I dunno what I was thinking other than, "maybe a flightless snake/lizard/dragon hybrid with a really long lanky body???"  It seemed like a good/interesting idea at the time.

Not sure about a name yet
Humility by Samishii-Kami
Sketch I did for a sort of class assignment. We had to artistically represent our definition of "Humility"
I honestly could not think of a way I wanted to interpret Humility without it being someone "bowing" because that seemed too submissive so I tried to explain that I could not put MY idea of Humility into art form. I could better explain what Humility was not to me than express exactly what it was. However this apparently didn't fly and the professor still wanted me to make something so I sketched this out. A young wolf laying down to rest with a doe. I'm still not happy with it and in the end I didn't even end up turning it in so it was wasted frustration. But whatever, here it is. I may use  this base for something int he future, but prolly not for a while.

To elaborate on this picture's meaning.
Humility is akin to being humble, to lower oneself to those generally deemed "lesser" by others, though not necessarily being so. Here, the wolf "lowers" itself to the doe. It neither submits nor asks anything of the doe other than to be in its presence. This is not having low self-esteem, it is respect for one another in the grand scheme, not imposing one's importance over the other.
In return, the doe does not impose humiliation upon the wolf for seeking comfort and rest and keeps alert as a guide.

At least, that is the best way I can figure to represent Humility in a drawing.
Zen Tangle by Samishii-Kami
Zen Tangle
Zen Tangle I worked off and on with during an internship. Just learned about these at the start of this year so its a good boredom breaker while also being frustrating at the same time trying to think of a new pattern since I don't own any of the books these are apparently based on.

So I've no idea if this will actually work, but I've decided to go ahead and make a Patreon. I have a job in the Psych field now, but it's only part-time with no benefits/overtime/anything. So... yeah. I've only got a couple month before my college loan payments kick in so I could use as much help as possible, even if it just pays for food or gas.
I set up my Patreon on a monthly payment system. I'll be uploading any and all new art pieces/crafts/photography/etc to my Patreon before I upload the WIPS and final products anywhere else. Some Patreon commissioned work might never even end up here and will be for my backers only to see! Also giveaways for free stuff when I reach monthly goals! Also, discounts on items in my gallery if you are a backer!

Speaking of which, I'm still selling lots of stuff in my gallery, it is all for sale and I want ias much gone as possible asap. I just don't have the room!
I technically have a bunch of it on ebay, but I'd rather not deal with ebay/etsy fees since I already have to deal with paypal fees.

If there is something you are interested in, email me @

For instance, if you want multiple pieces of the pottery? Discount!
Multiple tails? Discount!

If you can't buy anything, please pass this along. I really need the money D:

Some of the art is on my ebay here:…
But there are also non-art thinks like pokemon cards, CDs, manga, etc

Email me before bidding/buying on ebay as I may be able to lower prices depending on where you live.


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